Friday, January 3, 2014

Truer Words Were Never Spoken: "But Now We're Hurting Them"

Proving once again that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) should consider renaming itself People Ethically Tantamount to Animals (PETA), a couple gals called "Lettuce Ladies" took to the streets in Minneapolis yesterday to risk frostbite for the furtherance of some bullshit point about why we shouldn't eat animals even though eating animals is awesome.

When I first heard the female news-anchor's "ugh" upon the first footage of the "ladies" I wondered whether it was ethical abhorrence or just empathetic horror about the cold temperatures. I'm not sure she has thoroughly reasoned through her sentiment in the final assessment. Nonetheless, I was struck by this quote: "I understand wanting to be ethically accountable with animals, but we're now hurting them." Them being the ladies.

This is nothing new for PETA, of course, if you're familiar with their method of calling attention to abuses in the fur trade. (I'm not posting the link because, well, the lettuce video is salacious enough and I'm not about leading people into the near occasion of sin.)

Yet another example of the questionable ethical cogency of modern progressives.


  1. You do realize that neither of these women were forced to do this and that they weren't hurt either.

  2. Yes, I realize they weren't forced to do it, but there's still something salient in the observation that "now we're hurting them" in the sense of how our cultural priorities are arranged even in terms of tolerating such a display. As to their not being hurt, I think that depends on one's definitions.


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